The Rescue In-App Support SDK for Mobile allows your customers to establish a Rescue support session within your app.

The SDK enables your technician to use the following features with LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console:

  • Retrieve device information
  • Chat with the end-user
  • Send a URL
  • See the app's screen (depending on the technician configuration)
  • Annotate the app's screen

The SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms. See the LogMeIn Rescue In-App Support Documentation page for details (English only).

Having trouble? See the respective FAQ pages for iOS and Android.

How to generate an API key

The SDK uses an API key to authenticate your app with Rescue. You must generate an API key in the Administration Center for your app to be able to initiate sessions using the SDK.
  1. On the Global Settings tab under Mobile SDK API Key, click Manage API keys. The API Keys window is displayed.
  2. Click Create new API key.
  3. Enter the unique identifier of your app.
    • If you develop for Android, enter the Package name. You can find the Package name in the package attribute at the root element of your manifest file.
    • If you develop for iOS, enter the Bundle ID. See the iOS Developer Library documentation on finding and setting the Bundle ID.
  4. Click Create.
You must provide the created API key when programmatically initiating a Rescue session using the SDK.

You can edit and disable API keys in the Administration Center. Hover your mouse over the key you want to modify in the API key list, and click the Modify icon. Make your changes and click Save. The API key is updated instantaneously.