Integration of Rescue and Salesforce

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    Integration of LogMeIn Rescue with allows IT and support professionals the ability to improve their customer service levels and increase end-user and/or customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby reducing costs, improving IT support productivity and increasing organizational profitability.



    The summer 22 release of Salesforce is not currently compatible with Rescue. We are working to achieve full compatibility at this time. For the moment we do not recommend upgrading to the Salesforce '22 Summer release if you want to install this integration. Existing users of the integration are not impacted by this change.

    A LogMeIn Rescue remote support session can be launched from within Salesforce on the Case tab. Once the support session has ended, the information is automatically sent from the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console to the case record in Salesforce. The Salesforce user can access the details of any LogMeIn Rescue session by clicking on the item in the Activity History section for a particular case. A LogMeIn Rescue account is required to use the Rescue Salesforce Integration application.

    For full details, search for "LogMeIn Rescue Support for Salesforce" on the appexchange.