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Integrated Content Portal

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

Administrators can set a URL that technicians can open within the Technician Console.

This feature integrates a modified Internet Explorer browser window into the Technician Console. The window can be set to display any URL.

How to set the Integrated Content Portal URL

The Integrated Content Portal URL is set per Technician Group in the Administration Center.

Fastpath: Administration Center > Settings tab > Content Portals > Integrated Content Portal
Opens with session
The given link opens when a session enters Active status.
Opens on launch
The given link opens when the Technician Console is launched, and stays open until there is a session.
Additionally, you can post session data to the URL by appending the following parameters:
  • $cfield0$ Customer's name
  • $cfield1$ Custom Field 1
  • $cfield2$ Custom Field 2
  • $cfield3$ Custom Field 3
  • $cfield4$ Custom Field 4
  • $cfield5$ Custom Field 5
  • $platform$ Platform
  • $sessionid$ Session ID
  • $techid$ Technician ID
  • $techdescr$ Technician description
  • $techemail$ Technician email
  • $techname$ Technician name
  • $techssoid$ Technician Single Sign-on ID
  • Example:$techid$
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022