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How to use the File Manager with a remote Linux customer device?

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Use the File Manager to easily and securely transfer files between your computer and the customer's Linux device

  1. In the Technician Console select the File Manager tab, and click Launch File Manager Session.

    Result: The customer is prompted to accept or decline your request to control their computer.

  2. Ask the customer to accept the request.

    Result: The File Manager session begins. The technician's folder structure is displayed on the left panel, while the customer's is on the right.

  3. Use the File Manager toolbar to work with the customer's files and folders.

    Result: All other Workspace tabs remain available.

  4. To end the File Manager session, click the red X on the File Manager toolbar.

    Result: The File Manager session closes, but the session remains active.

Article last updated: 18 July, 2023