How to Set Up LastPass Authenticator for Rescue Two-Step Verification

Master Administrators can require you to use two-step verification when logging in to Rescue. This section describes how you can set up the LastPass authenticator app to verify your identity during two-step verification.

  1. Upon entering your LogMeIn Rescue credentials at the Rescue website or in the Rescue Desktop Technician Console, you are prompted to set up an additional way to verify your account. Click Set up.
    The Set up two-step verificationpage is displayed.
  2. On the Set up two-step verification page, click Set up two-step verification.
    The Protect your account page is displayed.
  3. On the Protect your account page, click Set up mobile app.
    The Set up mobile app page is displayed.
    Tip: If you already have the LastPass Authenticator mobile app, click Next.
  4. Download the LastPass Authenticator app, and click Next.
  5. Launch LastPass Authenticator on your device, and scan the QR code, as follows:

    1. On the LastPass Authenticator app, tap the + (plus) sign.
    2. Physically hold your device in front of the Rescue website to scan the code.
    A message is displayed confirming that your device has been paired to your LogMeIn Rescue account. Tap to dismiss the message.
  6. Returning to the Protect your account page, you must now set up the text message backup method to be used when your primary method is unavailable.
    1. Click Set up text message.
      The Set up backup text messages page is displayed.
    2. Enter the phone number to which login codes should be sent, and click Next.
      A code is sent to your phone in a text message.
    3. On your phone, open the text message from LogMeIn Rescue.
    4. Enter the code from the text message on the Verify phone number page.
    5. Click Finish text setup.
    You are taken back to the Protect your account page.
  7. Click Activate at the bottom of the page to actually turn on two-step verification.
    The Your changes have been saved page is displayed.
  8. Click Done.
    You can now log in to your Rescue account or the Rescue Desktop Technician Console using two-step verification.