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How to Restart the Rescue Applet as a Windows System Service or Mac Daemon

    This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

    To log on as a different Windows or Mac user, you must restart the Applet as a Windows System Service or Mac OS X daemon.

    Before you begin:

    You must be in an Active session with a customer lacking Administrator rights on the host. You must be able to enter Administrator credentials.

    Remember: External technicians can only collaborate with Windows computers.
    1. On the Technician Console workspace, select the Customer Desktop tab (this is the tab you use to launch remote control and desktop viewing).
    2. In the Username and Password fields, enter valid Administrator credentials for the remote device.


      Tip: If the domain name is needed in the Username field, the acceptable formats are username@domain and domain\username.
      Important: If the machine is not in the domain, use machinename\username format and set remote access to Enabled. For other formats see What other domain formats can I use?
      Technician view:

    3. Click Restart Applet as Windows System Service (or Mac OS X daemon).

      Result: The chat log will indicate when the customer applet has started as a Windows system service (or Mac OS X daemon) and is reconnected.

      Note: Technician will see the following message while waiting for customer input:

      Customer sees UAC prompt 1:

      Followed by prompt 2:

      Technician receives confirmation:

      The chat log will also indicate when the customer applet has started as a Windows system service and is reconnected.

    4. Launch remote control.
    5. Log-off the current user or switch between users without losing your connection to the machine.
    Tip: To activate the login dialog box during a remote control session, press the Ctrl-Alt-Insert keyboard shortcut or click the Ctrl-Alt-Del button on the Remote Control toolbar.
    Note: Rescue ensures that the technician will be logged out at the end of any session in which a technician restarts the Applet as a Windows System Service. The customer will be forced to log back in to his original limited-rights account at the end of the support session, thus eliminating potential security risks.
    Article last updated: 12 October, 2022