How to Display a Custom Screen while the Customer is Waiting

  1. Use a graphics editor to create the screen you want customers to see while they are waiting for a technician.
  2. Save the screen as an image file in your public web folder.
  3. In your CSS, change the background-image url of .ic_statusicon_waiting to the Waiting screen image.
  4. Customize how the screen will be displayed. For example, change the left, top, width, and height options.
    Tip: You can also display a custom screen in the following situations:
    • During Chat (ic_statusicon_chat)
    • During Remote Control or Desktop Viewing (ic_statusicon_rc)
    • When Instant Chat disconnects (ic_statusicon_disconnect)
    • When the customer is on Hold (ic_statusicon_hold)
    • While the customer is waiting for a Transfer to be completed (ic_statusicon_transfer)
    • While typing (ic_statusicon_typing)