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How to Create and Edit Scripts

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

An unlimited number of scripts and resource files can be specified in the Technician Console. GoToLogMeIn Rescue will transfer and execute the script inside the LogMeIn Rescue temp folder on the host computer.

Before you begin:

Script deployment must be enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center.

  1. In the Console Status area, select Tools > Manage Scripts.

    Result: The Manage Scripts page is displayed.

  2. Click Add New.
  3. Name the new script in the Script name field.
  4. Next to the Script file field, click Browse to locate the pre-written script.
    The script file must be present on your computer.
  5. Use the Resource file field to attach any other file needed to run or support the script.
    A resource file is any file that you send to a customer via the script. For example, if the script sends a ZIP file to the customer, the ZIP file is the resource file.
    The resource file must be present on your computer.
  6. To make the script run automatically when a session starts, select Execute when Applet starts.
  7. Select the operating system(s) on which the script will run.
  8. Click Save.

    Result: Scripts will be listed in the Local Scripts section on the Scripts tab and will be available for deployment during an active session.

What to do next:

Click Import or Export to import/export script definitions from/to an XML file.

Click the up and down arrows to the left of a numbered script to change the order in which scripts will execute.
Remember: Only those scripts will run automatically that have the Execute when Applet starts box selected.
Tip: Sample scripts are available in the GoTo Community Script Repository.
Tip: You can find your most frequently used scripts more easily by making them favorites. Click the star icon next to the script you want to make favorite.
The script appears on your Favorite Scripts list.

You can have maximum five scripts on your Favorite Scripts list.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022