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How can I remote control a customer's mac running macOS Catalina or later

    MacOS Catalina (10.15) has added security features that require additional permissions for using the full feature set of the Rescue Technician Console Desktop app and Applet for Mac. In order to be able to remote control your customer's Mac running macOS Catalina, instruct them to perform the following steps.

    Note: You can chat with your customer before they grant additional permissions.
    1. In the top left corner of the desktop, click the Apple icon.
    2. Select System Preferences.
    3. Click Security & Privacy.
    4. Click the Privacy tab.
    5. Click Unlock, and enter your credentials.
    6. Make the following changes:
      1. In the left side bar, click Accessibility, and make sure the box is checked:
        Note: If you can't see the item in the list, click the + sign and navigate to the folder where you installed the application.
      2. In the left side bar, click Input Monitoring, and make sure the box is checked:
      3. In the left side bar, click Screen Recording, and make sure the LogMeInRemoteSupport box is checked:
      4. Note: You may not see all of the boxes listed. If you see none of the boxes listed, please end the Rescue session and try connecting again.
        End-users on Catalina 10.15.2 need to also perform the following additional setting:System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access >
      5. Click the Lock icon to prevent any further changes. Your settings are saved automatically.
    What to do next: If no permissions have been granted for Rescue before, or the customer is running the Mac Applet, they can alternatively grant permissions by accepting the pop-up window of the screen recording request and clicking the items in the Permissions tab.
    Article last updated: 8 December, 2022