How to Deploy the Calling Card to a Customer's Computer

Install the Calling Card on the customer's PC from the Technician Console.

  • The agent's Technician Group must have permission to deploy the Calling Card
  • A Rescue Administrator must have already applied a Calling Card to the agent's Technician Group
  • The session must be Active
  • The Calling Card cannot be deployed to a Mac
  1. Click the Calling Card tab.

    Remember: This task is performed in the Technician Console.

  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Select Launch Calling Card immediately after installation if you want the Calling Card application to run once it has been successfully installed on the customer's computer
    • Select Launch Calling Card every time the remote device is started to set the Calling Card application to open each time the target device is started
      Tip: Customers can clear this setting on the Settings > General tab of the Calling Card.
  3. Click Install Calling Card.
    The Calling Card installer is deployed and executed. The customer may be prompted to give you permission to deploy the installer. If so, ask the customer to accept the deployment.
Once installation is complete, the customer will be able to initiate sessions via the Calling Card.