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About the Organization Tree

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

The Organization Tree is where you configure LogMeIn Rescue to match your support organization. It is displayed in the left panel of the Administration Center interface.

Once you have set up your organization, the Organization Tree offers a clear representation of your structure and makes it easy to select existing organization members and channels, and to make changes with a simple drag-and-drop motion.
Tip: To achieve optimal performance, close all items on the Organization Tree that you are not currently using. This is particularly important for very large accounts.
Expand/Collapse branches
Branches can be expanded/collapsed by clicking +/ -
Enter text in the search field to search for a group, technician, or any other unit in your organization.
Certain items of the Organization Tree can be dragged and dropped items within the tree. For example, Administrators can be assigned to a Technician Group by dragging them into the group. Technicians and Technician Groups can also be easily moved and assigned using the drag-and-drop facility.
Right-click menu
Right-click any item in the tree brings to open a shortcut menu. The available selections in the menu change depending on your user role and the item you are clicking.
Dynamic relationship with the Workspace
Selecting an item on the organization tree opens the relevant form in the Workspace (the right pane).

Select Technician Group 1 in the Organization Tree and select the Settings tab. The Settings for Technician Group 1 are displayed on the Local Setting tab.

Next, select Technician 2. The Settings for Technician 2 are displayed on the Settings tab.

Next, if you select the Sessions tab, the session information for Technician 2 is displayed in the Sessions tab.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022