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About System Information – Dashboard

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

The System Info Dashboard tab provides a snapshot of the current status of the customer's device.

During an active session, click Request Information to retrieve data from the customer's device.

The following view-only information is available.
System Information
Gives details of the customer's Operating System, BIOS, when the device was last booted, and which user is logged in.
CPU Information
Gives details of the make, type and speed of the host's central processing unit.
Memory Information
Provides a complete breakdown of the host's memory size and usage.
Disk Drives
Gives the amount of used and free space on each disk drive on the customer's device.
Processes (top 5)
Gives the names of the five processes that are using most CPU time, the percentage of CPU time they are using, and their memory usage.
Events (top 5)
Gives the five most recent Events from the Application Event Log and System Event Log that have a status other than Information. This is the same information you can see with Administrative Tools/Event Viewer within Windows.
Scheduled Tasks (last 5)
Gives a list of the five most recently executed scheduled tasks, as run with Windows Scheduled Tasks feature.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022