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About Rescue in a Multilingual Environment

This article contains information about supported languages in Rescue.

Supported Languages

The Rescue web site, Technician Console, Administration Center, Command Center, Mobile BlackBerry Applet, and the PIN code entry form are available in the following languages:

de – German ko – Korean
en – English nl – Dutch
es – Spanish pt-br – Portuguese (Brazilian)
fr – French th – Thai
it – Italian zh – Chinese
ja – Japanese zh-TW – Chinese (Taiwan)

The Rescue Applet for PC and Mac, mobile apps, Calling Card, and Instant Chat interface are available in the following languages:

ar – Arabic ko – Korean
bg – Bulgarian nl – Dutch
cz – Czech no – Norwegian
da – Danish pl – Polish
de – German pt – Portuguese
el – Greek pt-BR – Portuguese (Brazilian)
en – English ro – Romanian
es – Spanish ru – Russian
fi – Finnish sk – Slovak
fr – French sv – Swedish
he – Hebrew th – Thai
hr - Croatian tr – Turkish
hu – Hungarian zh – Chinese
it – Italian zh-TW – Chinese (Taiwan)
ja – Japanese
Note: In Instant Chat sessions you can use the Live Chat Translation feature to communicate with customers who speak a different language than the technician

The Android app is available in these additional languages: es-AR, et, fa, in, lt, lv, my, sl, sr, uk, vi

Tip: To resolve problems with keyboard layout during remote control, see How to Use Local and Remote Keyboard Layouts (Keyboard Synchronization).
Tip: For self-hosted Instant Chat, you can add or remove languages to meet your organization's requirements. See How to Customize Instant Chat Language Files in the Rescue Customization and Integration Guide.
Article last updated: 9 May, 2023