Rescue Live Guide Network Requirements

From both the support agent's and the customer's network, the following HTTPS web resources need to be accessible:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform

If the traffic from AWS to your website is blocked, we offer a way for you to identify requests from Live Guide and make an exception for those requests to reach your website.

LogMeIn can set a specific header to all requests coming from Live Guide with a key of X-liveguide-secret. You can then set up an exception on your Web Application Firewall (WAF) to allow requests with this property.

The specific configuration steps are different on the various web application firewall tools but on a high level it should involve similar steps to the below example:

  1. To allow web requests based on strings that appear in the request itself, create a condition that you can then filter for.
  2. When choosing the part of the request to filter on, make sure to select Header and add the selected secret you specified for Live Guide.
  3. Create a rule with the string match condition you set up in the previous steps to allow the requests that match this condition.