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How to Manage Features and Tools Available to Agents and Customers

    Rescue Live Administrators can control what features and tools agents and customers can access during Rescue Live Lens sessions. Besides the availability, for example, of VoIP Audio, Administrators can control the validity period of the Support Key.

    Log in to the Rescue Live Admin Center, and click the Live Lens tab in the upper menu bar to manage the following features and tools for agents and customers during Rescue Live Lens sessions.
    Tip: Administrators can use the top right menu in the Agent Console as well to reach the Admin Center.
    Remember: After you make changes on this page, you will have to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
    When enabled, sessions are launched with an active VoIP audio connection between agent and customer that remains open throughout the session but can be muted by either party. When disabled, the Volume and Mute/ Unmute buttons are hidden from the Agent Console Toolbar and from the customer's screen.
    Allow agents to create screen captures (snapshots) during a session. When disabled, the Snapshot button is hidden from the Agent Console Toolbar.
    Support Key Validity Period
    The length of time a Session Link or Support Key remains valid. If a customer attempts to join a session after this period has expired, they receive a message saying the link or Support Key has expired. The timeout period starts when the session is created by the agent and ends when the customer clicks the Continue button on the Landing Page.
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022